Blog Action Day is Today

The topic for Blog Action Day is water. This is such a valuable resource, for those of us who are lucky to have water on tap, we very rarely even give a second though to our use or consumption of this life-giving fluid.

As a child we took family holidays in a mobile home based on a site at Donabate, it was the early 1980’s and the site had no electricity. There were sixty or so mobiles in the field and no water or sewage, there was a septic tank and a tap in one corner. As children we would carry our empty 25litre barrels to the corner and fill them with water, which we would then roll back to the mobile. The novelty would last about the first week of our summer holidays, but then we would draw straws as to whose turn it was to get the water. This had the effect of making us use water sparingly.

If there had been water and electricity in the mobile we never would have appriciated these commodities when we got home after our holidays. To us this experience lasted but a few weeks, to others who are not so fortunate the shortage of water is a daily reality.  Check out Blog Action Day for further information.

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