St. Particks Day when the whole world turns Green.

St. Patrick’s Day, the day when everyone celebrates everything Irish.

This St. Patrick’s Day why not go green by reducing your energy usage.  The easiest way to reduce energy is to reduce the wattage of your existing light bulbs and fittings.

We have just released a basic version of our App Eco Bulbz.  This version of the App allows a quick calculation be carried out on a quantity of bulbs of the same wattage to see how much would be saved when normal incandescent bulbs are replaced by energy saving bulbs.

For a limited time the app can be downloaded free on the App Store.  The app works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. 

So this St. Patrick’s Day do your part by going green and celebrate by downloading this handy little app, all that we asked in return is that you leave a review at the iTunes Store.  The link to the app on the App Store is

We’d like to extend good wishes, health and happiness to all the Irish, all over the world on this St. Patricks Day.

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