When Energy Saving Bulbs Break

There has been some concerns raised in recent times to the dangers poised when energy saving bulbs break.  The concern is mainly centered around the release of mercury when the glass is broken. 

There are guidlines to the cleanup of these bulbs as follows

  • Windows in the room should be opened to allow freah air enter the room.
  • When you re-enter to room, sweep the broken bulb with a sweeping brush or broom. Do not us a vacuum cleaner or hoover.
  • Wipe the rest up with a wet cloth.
  • Place all broken parts into a plastic bag and seal tightly.
  • Place the sealed bag into a cardboard box or other rigid container.

The European Commission has a valuable website with FAQ sections on Energy Saving Light Bulbs.  There’s a nice video on the site which explains the benefits of replacing normal bulbs with energy saving bulbs.  Here’s the link to the site www.e-lumen.eu

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