Social Media Awards Finalists 2011

The long list of finalists for the Bord Gais Energy Social Media Awards has been announced, check out the long list at this link

The call out has been made for judges, so if you have the time do sign up.  We are delighted to be included in the Best Mobile App Category.

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Green Energy Biz Camp

There is a wonderful event taking place in Kilkenny on Friday 27th May, it is the first event of it’s kind to promote Renewable Energy job creation and business ideas.

Speakers are listed on the website where you can also register to attend the event which in on at the Hotel Kilkenny.  There is a Facebook page set up for the event so do check it out for up to date information on the speakers as they are added.

I’ll be attending this event and look forward to hearing what’s happening in the Green Energy sector regarding job creation and opportunities in this area.

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We featured in Irish Tatler

As a member of Network Ireland Kildare Branch we were featured in the May edition of Irish Tatler.

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We featured in The Echo

We were delighted to be featured in this weeks Tallaght edition of The Echo.

Dr. Ken Moloney of the Institute of Technology in Tallaght and Niamh Pedreschi were both interviewed and photographed as a result of our participation in the SEAI Sustainable Energy Innovation Award.

For a full view of the article see the press page,


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SEAI Sustainable Energy Innovation Award 2011

We were one of eight finalists featured at the inaugural SEAI Sustainable Energy Innovation Award at this year’s Energy Show which was held on 30th and 31st March at the RDS Dublin.

There was a variety of types of products and services on offer and the competition was tough.

Comments from the Judging Panel were positive, with Brendan Halligan SEAI Chairman stating “I really like this product, I think you’ve got a product which will do well on the international market”

The easiest way to reduce energy is to reduce the wattage of your existing light bulbs and fittings. The applications work on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad1 and iPad2.

Our app Eco Bulbz is particularly suited to electrical contractors who can use it as part of their toolbox.  The feature which allows the survey to be emailed back to the office along with the client is of great benefit.

Both versions can be found at App Store, by searching for Eco Bulbz. 


Business                         Business Activity

Activation Energy Ltd Development of systems to assist in smart grid operations
Belfield Technologies(Winner) Design, manufacture and marketing of energy efficient lighting control solutions
Eco Appz Design of energy saving software applications
Endeco Technologies (Wirelite Sensors) Developing wireless energy management systems and demand control system for businesses
Kingspan Renewables Development of modular solar thermal vacuum tube collectors
Powersavvy Ltd. Custom developed electricity monitoring device
TRISLATE Research and development of building integrated solar combined heat and power
Wave Energy Conversion Corporation of Ireland Development of ocean wave energy conversion system
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Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour takes place today 26th March 2011 at 8.30pm local time.

Earth Hour is a great event where we can all do our part in switching off our electrical applicances for one hour.  This event has taken place for the past number of years and it’s amazing to see the images of towns and cities as the consumption of energy is reduced.

For further information see the offical website for this event,
Earth Hour - Logo

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SEAI Innovation Award shortlist

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the SEAI, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Innovation Award 2011.

We will be making a presentation of Wednesday 30th March at the Energy Show at the RDS in Dublin.

To mark this occasion we are setting the full version of our app Eco Bulbz as free to download at the App Store from Monday 28th to Friday 1st.  All we ask in return is that you leave us a review at the App Store.

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St. Particks Day when the whole world turns Green.

St. Patrick’s Day, the day when everyone celebrates everything Irish.

This St. Patrick’s Day why not go green by reducing your energy usage.  The easiest way to reduce energy is to reduce the wattage of your existing light bulbs and fittings.

We have just released a basic version of our App Eco Bulbz.  This version of the App allows a quick calculation be carried out on a quantity of bulbs of the same wattage to see how much would be saved when normal incandescent bulbs are replaced by energy saving bulbs.

For a limited time the app can be downloaded free on the App Store.  The app works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. 

So this St. Patrick’s Day do your part by going green and celebrate by downloading this handy little app, all that we asked in return is that you leave a review at the iTunes Store.  The link to the app on the App Store is

We’d like to extend good wishes, health and happiness to all the Irish, all over the world on this St. Patricks Day.

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When Energy Saving Bulbs Break

There has been some concerns raised in recent times to the dangers poised when energy saving bulbs break.  The concern is mainly centered around the release of mercury when the glass is broken. 

There are guidlines to the cleanup of these bulbs as follows

  • Windows in the room should be opened to allow freah air enter the room.
  • When you re-enter to room, sweep the broken bulb with a sweeping brush or broom. Do not us a vacuum cleaner or hoover.
  • Wipe the rest up with a wet cloth.
  • Place all broken parts into a plastic bag and seal tightly.
  • Place the sealed bag into a cardboard box or other rigid container.

The European Commission has a valuable website with FAQ sections on Energy Saving Light Bulbs.  There’s a nice video on the site which explains the benefits of replacing normal bulbs with energy saving bulbs.  Here’s the link to the site

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Basic Version of Eco Bulbz is released today.

We are delighted to announce that the Basic version of Eco Bulbz is now available for download at the iTunes Store.

For a limited period it will be available for download Free, thereafter there will be a minimal charge of Euro 79c.

We would be grateful if you would leave a review at the iTunes Store.

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Interesting shows coming up on energy!

There are two events happening soon that you might be interested in attending,  the Energy Show at the RDS in Dublin which is organised by the SEAI Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland, is taking place from 30th the 31st March.

Having attended this show in the past I can recommend a visit to anyone interested in the use and conservation of energy.  Deatils about this event can be found at this link

Further afield the Ecobuild exhibition is taking place at ExCel in London from 1st to 3rd March.  This show is highlighting the latest developments and new product launches for improving energy efficiency in buildings.  Tickest are free when you pre-register, the link to their site is


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Lamp ratings

Did you know or were you aware that light bulbs or lamps now have a rating, similar to electrical appliances.

So the next time that you are replacing or stocking up on bulbs check out the side of the box to see what the rating is. the better the rating the less power the lamp uses and the less expense to you in having the light switched on.

Ratings would look like this

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How our app works as seen on Youtube

We have just uploaded our first ever video to Youtube, its a walk through of how our app works.

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CFL lamps or bulbs

Someone asked me recently “What is a CFL bulb? What does the CFL mean?” so below is a short description in reply to this question.

CFL is short for Compact Fluorscent Lamp. CFL lamps are a type of energy saving bulb – they save money along with the added benefit of saving energy. CFL bulbs can replace incandescent bulbs and the wattage will be lower than the incandescent bulb you are replacing – this is how the saving is made.

In most cases the CFL will be more expensive than the incandescent bulb, but they last longer as well as saving on the energy usage side.

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Wind Power

Yesterday I attended an event organised by SEAI, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.  It was about wind energy and the security of energy in Ireland.

There was a varied group of speakers from within this industry sector, all of whom had a vast array of knowledge in the area.  After lunch we visited a working wind farm, the pictures of which are below. 

Dunmore Windfarm

Dunmore Windfarm

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